Through The Looking Window

It was one of those sultry summer afternoons. Mary lay on her bed reading a book. The bad weather prevented her from doing any productive work. It had not rained in the last few days. The mercury kept on rising showing no signs of mercy. The intensity was taking a toll on Mary’s health and an overall feeling of gloom overtook her.
After reading for a while she put the book aside and lazily pulled the pillow closed to her. Her bedroom window overlooked a huge banyan tree. Through the window she saw two sparrows perched on one of the branches of the tree. Having got nothing else to do, she continued looking towards it. After looking for a few minutes, she figured out that the sparrows were trying to build a nest on the branches.
She got up from her bed and walked intently towards the window. The little birds had successfully captured her attention. She looked as the little birds successfully gathered twigs from the nearby trees and assembled them on the ground below the banyan tree. Then one by one, the birds took the twigs and wove them into a nest. The precision, with which the birds worked, wondered Mary, was no less than a human’s. After all, they were building their home and therefore the maximum care and attention was given into the construction. After a few hours, the nest was ready. It amazed Mary to see how efficiently the birds have transformed some wild twigs into a perfect small nest.
Mary had been so occupied with the building of the nest that she did not realize the weather had changed considerably in the last few hours. It was already evening and the sky was overcast with dark clouds. A cool breeze was blowing which brought the temperature down by a few degrees. Mary left the window and went to the veranda. Rain was falling in a drizzle. Mary could feel her insides dancing to the pattering of the rain. As the raindrops caressed her, she happily watched her dusty neighbourhood getting a fresh look. The outdoors which had seemed dull and boring for so many days suddenly began to exude life.
By now there was a steady flow of raindrops. Mary decided to retreat to the indoors. As Mary got busy with her evening chore, the rains increased their fury. It was raining incessantly and Mary was forced to close the window of her room and the door to her veranda.
Mary’s mood was definitely better than it had been, at the start of the day. She credited her change in spirits to the grey waters that poured from the vast sky. At around midnight, Mary opened her bedroom window to check if it was still raining. Her eyes inadvertently went to the bird’s nest which had been lying there a few hours ago. But it was not there now. She frantically looked up and down the branches to make sure that she was not misjudging the position. The search agitated her. After a while she realized that perhaps the rains have destroyed the nest.
The rains brought life to the water quenched trees and also caused the destruction of a home where a bird was about to lay eggs to give birth to a new life. A deep sense of grief overpowered Mary. As it started raining all over again, Mary closed the window, went to her bed and started reading the book which she had been reading in the afternoon. The day seemed to end on the same note it had started. Sulking and exhausting, and the rains were of no help.
The next morning, the sweeper in charge of cleaning the roads, had a lot of work to do. The pavement overlooking the window of Mary was strewn with twigs. The sweeper swept away the dirt which had been the abode of someone, a few while ago.


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