What’s in a surname?

The teacher’s lecture had just finished and it was time for the class bell to ring. Naturally all the students started talking and suddenly the teacher pointed out to one particular boy and shouted, “Stand Up! Why are you talking? What is your name?” The boy softly told his name. The teacher was not finished yet. He shouted back, “Who will know you by your first name? Tell your full name?

The class was over but my thoughts began to run. After all, what’s in a surname? The teacher said that nobody would recognize us by our names. But why should people recognize us by our surnames even? So much importance is attached to our names. Yes, surnames are important as they are meant to carry forward our family’s name. If that is so then why are girls deprived from this privilege? Women, once married are no longer qualified to carry forward their family’s name, instead they now need to take up their husband’s name.

Shouldn’t families be prouder if their children make a name for themselves and not get buried under the burden of the family names? Once you say your surname, all kinds of guesses start. What is your religion? What is your cast? Which section of the society you belong? You want it or not but inadvertently you end up judging a person based on his or her surname.

Thus no matter how much one tries to make a first impression by proper dressing and body language, it is ultimately theĀ  surname which will grab the maximum attention. Therefore it is very important to understand that it is the work we do that make our families proud and not just attaching a surname with our name. Also we should judge someone by the person they are and not get influenced by their surnames.

So here is where my thoughts end. Is it extremely necessary to use a surname? Can’t we do without it? We will remain the same person even if we are addressed by some other surname. After all, what’s in a surname?


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