Gone By

The driver glanced at the rear view mirror. He could see a truck approaching towards it. He deftly adjusted the speed of his car in order to avoid any mishap. On looking at the rear view mirror, he also saw the buildings he had just drove by. He felt good at the thought of nearing his destination.

Likewise, the rear view mirror of our life, offers many such interesting visuals. Looking through the rear view mirror what can be called mulling over past events, can throw up certain images. Sometimes these images remind us of the deeds we have done in the past. Good or bad, the effect of our actions on our present and future can be gauged from them. In this way, the past images guide and prepare us to face the present. Accordingly we adjust our focus and energy in order to meet the upcoming challenges. This is similar to the driver adjusting his speed when he sees an approaching vehicle in his rear view mirror.

Life is a journey. As we travel, the distance we have covered shows up in the form of past experiences. It is our past that constantly reminds us of the difficult terrains we have crossed. It reminds us of the beautiful views, we traveled by. This not only encourages us to continue our journey but also makes us cautious of the path to come. The memories therefore help us to create new memories.

So, as the rear view mirror forms a very important component of a vehicle, our past also has tremendous importance in our lives. In order to move ahead, it is essential that we have knowledge about what lies at our back. It is the thoughts of past that motivates us, rebukes us, cautions us, leads us. Therefore looking backwards, helps us in our journey forward.


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