One Love

In all films and tv series it is always shown that the lead actor and actress first have some differences, then develop a liking for one another and eventually fall in love. All this while the audience loves to watch their bitter sweet encounters and prays for their reunion. Finally, in the end, everyone is convinced that they are made for each other, marriages are made in heaven and they form a divine union. But what slips everyone’s eyes, is the supporting characters.
For example, if its a college love story, then by supporting characters I mean the friends of the leads. If it is a love story set in workplace, then the colleagues would make the supporting characters. So, what about them? Is it impossible for these people to develop feelings for the lead actors and actress? While everyone is busy hoping that the boy gets his girl, what goes unnoticed is that there may be so many other characters who might like this boy or girl.
In a made for each other match, we can expect, a boy loves a girl and the girl loves him back. But this constitute only a small fraction of all romantic cases. After all, how many times do you fall in love with the person who loves you back? More often than not, the person you like, likes someone else.
As they say love cannot be planned, it just happens. In a similar way, one sided love or unrequited love also cannot be controlled, it also just happens. Thus, along with the romance of the actor and actress, a number of one sided love stories also run parallely. Sometimes, we get to know about them through the destructive behavior they resort to. This leads to the birth of the villain in the film. Some people cannot accept rejection and continuously try to convince their love interest to consider them. The methods they adopt may lead to wild and dangerous consequences.
But most of the time we remain oblivious to these one sided love stories. This is because they do not proclaim it loudly and silently watch their love romancing someone else. This article of mine is dedicated to those people who like to see their loved ones happy at all costs. It does not matter to them whether they are part of the happiness or not.
Unrequited love is painful. When the person you love is aware of it, he or she may avoid you, which is bad or he or she may show you sympathy, which is worse. However neither of it is necessary, as according to the love I was talking , you have accepted your faith and have become comfortable in your position.
A more painful situation is when you are not able tell your beloved about your feelings. You may be afraid of rejection or wary of losing the friendship. Hence, all you can do is watch from the sidelines and play the perfect supporting character.
His one smile is enough for you to last a lifetime. You can spend your whole life remembering the few moments sent with him. The innumerable memories you share together will no doubt remain close to your heart but it will also occupy your brain in a way that nothing else can. But still you will remain silent, at times hoping and at times realizing that there is no hope. Sometimes you may wish to erase all the memories and at other times you will want to hold on to them as they are your only support.
You will remain in this state of dilemma and one day you will suddenly see that your love story has become the story of someone else. Everybody is routing for your actor to unite with some other actress and you have been reduced to a supporting character only.
Unrequited love is difficult but I believe, it also gives you strength. It teaches you to become a stronger human being. It cautions you at every step and prevents you from becoming vulnerable. You may never fall in love again, which is a bad thing. But then again, you may never have to go through the ups and downs of a romantic relationships or break ups, which might be a good thing.
So next time you watch a romantic film, try and think if a match happens so easily. Which percentage is more? Two people falling for each other simultaneously or one of them falling for the other and the other not reciprocating.


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